About That Aha Moment

This website has been created and conceived of by Smiti Mittal of The Shri Ram School Aravali. Her inspiration for this process has been the exposure to puzzles, crosswords, boardgames and riddles since the age of 4. This is what she has to say:
"We live in a world where the word "math" scares children. The first signs of this notorious disease are usually seen in 6th grade, when math suddenly has letters, and once this disease fully inhabits the being, it is hard to recover the love for math in children.
What most people do not realize is that math is about a lot more than algebra and trigonometry and calculus. Math is about learning how to think. It's about logic and analysis and the most fun part - Puzzles!
This website is a database of puzzles collated by me to show people what truly Math is. A few months back, I attended a math festival and seeing children amazed at the thought of math outside of the curriculum inspired me to set this up. For all purposes though, I would like people to restrain from using the word "math" to describe anything on this platform owing to the levels of mass hatred and fear against it almost exceeding those against Donald Trump.
There are two quotes which perfectly capture what this is all about:
" The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." - Albert Einstein, and
"Once you solve the problem, play with the problem. " - my dad."

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