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You are a prisoner sentenced to death. The Emperor offers you a chance to live by playing a simple game. He gives you 50 black marbles, 50 white marbles and 2 empty bowls. He then says, "Divide these 100 marbles into these 2 bowls. You can divide them any way you like as long as you use all the marbles. Then I will blindfold you and mix the bowls around. You then can choose one bowl and remove ONE marble. If the marble is WHITE you will live, but if the marble is BLACK... you will die."
What division of marbles would you do to maximize your chances of survival?

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Take 13 cards of a suite (Ace, 2, 3, 4, ... , King).
The game is as follows: you pick two cards, and then the third.
If the third card is between the first two cards, you win.
What are the chances of your winning?

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